It is here! The 2022 PurposeBrand© survey!

Our last one was 2019… and wow things have changed a heap since then!

In this short survey, we will be looking to gain insight into what a PurposeBrand© means to you.
Because… what you think, means a lot to us!

And, as a thank you, we want to share with you the report we generated from our 2019 survey. All you have to do is complete the survey and it is yours!

Inside the 2019 report, you’ll find some surprising results on our respondents’ favourite purpose driven brands, their biggest business challenges, tried and true accounts of what it means to communicate their companies’ purpose, and much more!

And there is even more to this story….circle Wednesday, February 16th at noon (CST) on your calendar! That is the day we will unleash the results of the new report and talk 2022 trends for Purpose driven brands and their leaders.

magpies kitchen . purposebrand profile

If you ever wondered if elves are real, you just have to meet Sharron and Shannon, the owners of Magpies Kitchen, to know that indeed they are!

Magpies Kitchen has been a PurposeBrand since the minute they opened their doors 11 years ago! And at this time of year, they are working at elf speed to get all of us delicious treats that look as good as they taste!

They are the perfect last-minute stop, and their new takeaway style and gifts are truly the proverbial cherry on top. Turkish candies, toffee, spiced nuts peanut brittle are all beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. Their gift display features the iconic and whimsical snow people paintings by Leslie Hensrud, Bath Poetry, delicious hand creams by Matter, candles and more!

Magpies is a stocking stuffers dream!

Every single one of their products is sourced from an ethical, woman-owned Canadian company! That’s the way they roll – true to their values.

Magpies have opted to provide you with the best takeaway experience you can find by converting their dine-in space to the perfect location to zip in and pick up a meal to take home or a sweet to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What makes Magpies a PurposeBrand?

They never got into this business to only delight our taste buds – they really want to make others happy. At their core, they believe that when we gather and share a meal, we also share our common humanity. Knowing that they can be part of our everyday, special days, and most difficult days is what keeps their creativity humming and how they uniquely contribute to the world. They lead, bake, nurture, and cook with love. They see their business as an opportunity to uplift people and their communities.

Our city and our world have never been in greater need of this approach to business and life!


Building brands is my jam!

But my approach is different.

I don’t see brand-building as a marketing tactic.

Well, it certainly can be, and you can look really snazzy with a great brand identity portfolio, which is important.

But, if you are looking for sustainable growth, shift your thinking and see your brand as your most valuable asset and embed it into your business strategy.

Every level and department of the business needs to be involved, but the most critical to success is the 100% buy-in of your CEO and executive team.

This paradigm shift ensures that the brand is aligned to values and behaviours, decision-making and strategy. The brand drives value because it is driven by its purpose.

Recently I worked with a team that had experienced exponential growth.

Quite frankly, their success shocked them. Opportunities were coming from every direction. They quickly realized they did not have the systems in place to manage their growth. Not just operational systems – they were managing that.

More importantly, they did not have a brand strategy.

Defining their brand was the lynchpin to helping them determine which were the right opportunities and which (although good opportunities) would dilute their brand. Brand building takes commitment and discipline!

By the end of the process, everyone on their team understood what they stood for and could confidently tell that story to others. They actively began to embed their purpose into every level of their business and used the lens of the brand for all levels of decision-making. They began to confidently tell the world what they stood for.

It was galvanizing! They were motivated, on track and fulfilled, ready to effect great change!

We help businesses find / know / zero in on their why, tell the tale of what they do best, and how they are different. It is a rewarding way to help businesses have the impact they know they can have.

Is it time for you to imbed your brand into your business strategy? We can help!

purpose brand series . Patagonia

A purpose brand that I am sure many of us have heard of is Patagonia. Patagonia continues to pave the way for brand purpose and authenticity through their unwavering commitment to the community and the environment.

Since 1985, Patagonia has pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment. They have awarded over $140 million in cash and in-kind donations to domestic and international grassroots environmental groups making a difference in their local communities. AND, in 2002, founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews (owner of Blue Ribbon Flies), started a non-profit corporation dedicated to encouraging other businesses to join their cause!

“We are in business to save the planet.”

When you buy from Patagonia, they assure you that their products have been created with less energy, less water waste, and less trash.

Despite this promise, Patagonia continues to push their purpose one step further.

In June 2020, Patagonia stopped all paid advertising on Facebook platforms as a way to boycott against the continued spread of hate speech, and misinformation about climate change and democracy. Yesterday, Patagonia commented that they continue to stand by that boycott even 16 months later!

Admittedly, this decision has affected not only their business, but the environmental non-profits that they support. Although… Patagonia has stayed true to their word! They full-heartedly believe that Facebook holds the responsibility to ensure that their platforms cause no harm.

Until Patagonia see’s accountability and significant change come from Facebook’s leadership, Patagonia will continue to refuse doing business on any of their platforms.

“We encourage other businesses to join us in pushing Facebook to prioritize people and the planet over profit,” – Ryan Gellert, CEO, Patagonia.

Are you ready to clarify, communicate and live by your purpose? We can help! DM for more information.

Purpose Driven Leader Profile

Today I want to honour Dr. Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan’s top public health official as an exceptional example of a purpose-driven leader.

When we think of a purpose-driven leader, we think of someone who stays true to their values, lives their purpose, and is committed to their own unique way of elevating humanity.

Throughout this pandemic, Dr. Shahab has stayed true to his purpose, tirelessly working to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in our province of Saskatchewan.

These are anxious times. Yet, guided by science, Dr. Shahab bravely leads with a level of humility and graciousness that is so rare today and direly needed.

Yesterday, in an emotional plea to the people of Saskatchewan, we saw the depth of his passion and concern. We also saw his unfailing commitment to the welfare of others.

His appeal struck the very core of my being.

I cannot imagine how he pushes forward in the political quagmire in which he exists. I believe his purpose has been his rudder.

If you have not had a chance to hear his remarks, you can find them here. I hope his message is heard and acted upon.

Thank you, Dr. Shahab, for your dedication, courage, and wisdom.

You are the purpose-driven leader we need right now!

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