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Purpose Driven Leader Profile

Today I want to honour Dr. Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan’s top public health official as an exceptional example of a purpose-driven leader.

When we think of a purpose-driven leader, we think of someone who stays true to their values, lives their purpose, and is committed to their own unique way of elevating humanity.

Throughout this pandemic, Dr. Shahab has stayed true to his purpose, tirelessly working to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in our province of Saskatchewan.

These are anxious times. Yet, guided by science, Dr. Shahab bravely leads with a level of humility and graciousness that is so rare today and direly needed.

Yesterday, in an emotional plea to the people of Saskatchewan, we saw the depth of his passion and concern. We also saw his unfailing commitment to the welfare of others.

His appeal struck the very core of my being.

I cannot imagine how he pushes forward in the political quagmire in which he exists. I believe his purpose has been his rudder.

If you have not had a chance to hear his remarks, you can find them here. I hope his message is heard and acted upon.

Thank you, Dr. Shahab, for your dedication, courage, and wisdom.

You are the purpose-driven leader we need right now!

Cuppa T FutureProof grad

We are so excited to feature another graduate of the FutureProof Retail Certification course run by myself and Lisa Hutcheson of JCW Group retail consultants.

You cannot imagine the energy behind Jule! And I don’t think it is all tea fuelled!

Jule epitomizes what it means to be FutureProofed and to be able to adjust to the changing and uncertain times that retailers face today and likely for many days ahead.

She is nimble in both mind and action. She quickly adapts to changing times because her mind is always open – to new ways of doing business, to new ways of thinking, and to new ways of being. That attitude was inspiring for the whole group!

When Jule learned something new – she applied it! Often within 24 hours!! Lisa and I got pretty excited about that because the certification is all about application and building a stronger retail business.

There was no pause for Jule during COVID.  CuppaT now has a new brand identity, new website, online shopping, re-merchandised, and has just introduced subscription boxes. Do you see what I mean?!

For Jule the opportunity to be in the course gave her some fuel to strategically “focus on her business and get the creative juices flowing again.”

I am not sure about you, but I will definitely have whatever Jule is drinking!

I encourage you to check out CuppaT! It is the perfect season for a warm cuppa or to gift one of her swoon worthy teas to anyone who needs to know you are thinking of them.

After visiting with Jule, I think you will also carry out some of her infectious optimism and who wouldn’t want a cup of that.

great stories: The go-giver

The “Go-Giver’” by Bob Burg is not your regular “business help book”. Having guidance in the form of a story rather than a textbook, not only helped to convey the book’s message… but also showed how well messages can be understood through stories!

The lessons drew on the law of reciprocity, meaning transactions are not all about winning or losing. Instead, we should be seeking to provide more value than we receive.

The “Go-Giver” mindset is one that should be applied at work, at home, with friends, and with strangers… it is a way of life!

uncorked with brewed awakening

I am very fortunate to be the Uncorked host for WESK in Regina this year. Connecting and telling the stories of some amazing women entrepreneurs is such an inspiration.

This month was no exception.

Lisa MacMurchy has owned Brewed Awakening for the last ten years!! That is a worthy milestone in itself, and the fact she has grown the business to 5 thriving locations is an incredible accomplishment.

We could end the story right there, and that would be inspiring enough. But as always, the more to the story is where some of the really good stuff lies.

Local Market was the perfect location, with wood floors exposed brick walls. We nestled in – 6ft apart and with masks as Lisa explained that all she wanted to do was have friends over for coffee!

You can still see the interview on the WESK Facebook page, but being there, I could feel the warmth of her remarks and her often heart-fueled emotional words that I swear could be felt through the floorboards.

At one point we talked about how difficult it can be to be a Mom and an entrepreneur. Lisa is a Mom of four!  I think it is a topic we don’t discuss enough. Lisa spoke of the struggle to “be enough” at work and “enough” at home. That she still carries a lot of guilt around missed events and times together.

We also talked about what she believes her now-adult children learned from growing up in an entrepreneurial home. Those answers came quickly: the value of hard work, to take nothing for granted, and to live the meaning of perseverance. Valuable lessons!

For all of the women entrepreneurs out there who feel the Mom guilt struggle, know that you are not alone and reach out to another women entrepreneur who is going through it or has gone through it. Because no matter what stage you are at with your business and your family, you are always enough!

Lisa’s energy was infectious, and she was quick to refer the success of Brewed to her team and her friends, who were there to cheer her on. She sees her employees like family, and they clearly feel the same way. Laughter and pride flowed easily between them, which is likely why, unlike many restaurants, they are not having a hard time finding or keeping staff!

What’s next for Brewed? Well, she left us perched on the edge of suspense because something is definitely brewing, and the announcement will be coming soon. “It will be a first for Regina,” said Lisa!

Brewed Awakening has given us a place to gather, a place to create community, and a place where kind words are shared. I can’t think of anything our world needs more!

Join us next month when we explore the story of Good Spirit Kombucha with owners Colleen Cretin and Taylor Chapman. I bet it is going to be a fizzy good tale! 🙂

See you then,


Everything we do in life starts as an idea

Every idea asks something of us, and the first thing it often ask us is to be brave.

I love ideas! One of my favourite books is a children’s book called “What do you do with an idea?”.

This story answers that question.

Buckets and Borders was started by our sons Justin and Brendan Lee (complete bias is fully recognized:).

It started as an idea, while they played hoops across too many countries to count.

Like all good ideas they didn’t quite know what to do with it. They could not let go of this truth that basketball was something that could unite people, cultures and countries.

They started to share their idea with others. They gained more insights, played on more courts and the concept morphed again and again, picking up speed as it went.

In 2015 they formally established the organization that is now a registered not-for-profit. They selected their first project: “The Lakeview Project”, transforming (rescuing) an iconic basketball court in Regina called “The Cage “.

The grand opening festival is this Saturday!

I feel so ready for something that unites us rather than divides us. Something that expresses youthful energy, and supports young leaders who are taking action and doing something positive for their community.

The process of transforming ‘The Cage’ could not be a better expression of the Buckets and Borders brand. Bringing people together to create a court that is art in motion. It was built with intentional positive effort, with many hands and many ideas. And when you step on these fantastically coloured courts you feel the irresistible pull of positivity.

The last page of the book, like this story, answers the question –

“What do you do with an idea?

You change the world.”

Get the whole story here:

Follow them on Instagram @bucketsandborders

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