Yes, this is a testimonial post – forewarned! 🙂

I have such mixed emotions about them that they feel a bit cringey. 

But when my clients say, “should we do testimonial posts?” I say yes. But I qualify it because like all good stories, the story is not about you, it is about the transformation that occurs, and the hero is always the participant.

And heroes they were! (phew I feel so much more comfortable talking about the attendees!) 

Over 120 attended from Canada, The United States and the U.K. hosted by an amazing organization called Women in Leadership – WIL. (If you haven’t checked them out maybe you should :)) Special thanks to Keri Schwebius Chapter Co-Chair and MC Keri Lynn Voight fo the amazing opportunity. 

 The topic was “How to be a Purpose Driven Leader”

It was a virtual session and yet the energy was palpable. Great engagement, sincere interest. These leaders wanted to fulfill their potential as a leader and cultivate high performance in their teams and also be the best version of themselves.  

We build a practical road map for becoming a values-based leader in business and in life. Exploring how to determine your own personal set of values, put into words your own purpose and create a conscious leadership mindset. 

I believe these conversations are so important right now because a global leadership crisis is rampant. 

Within every crisis however, is opportunity. And that is why each of these attendees are heroes because they are saying yes to leading with purpose, to living their values no matter what hat they are wearing, and this is how the world changes! 

I love the opportunity to talk about building purpose driven leaders and teams, organizations, and businesses. Lunch and learns, workshops, team events. 

What I know for sure – the world of work is changing on purpose! 

Are you ready to live yours? (when you read some of these responses it might just motivate you to say “I sure am!”)

So call me!


“I have wanted this kind of purpose exercise for years. This has been powerful and meaningful.”

– Angela

“Love the content and I will be applying the information that was shared.”
– Heather

“Thank you much for a brilliant session today!”
– Lindsay

“I loved your webinar today and thought it was full of useful information.”
– Ren