Over the past year and a half, I have often heard people say that in-person connection is the most important type of connection and how nothing else can compare to that. While we are all excited to get back to in-person activities, let’s take a moment to reflect on the virtual connections we have made… come with me and see what you think!

Yes, in-person connection is wonderful… but I also believe that virtual connection has the potential to be just as powerful.

I truly could not have predicted just how meaningful my virtual connections would become.

This period of abnormality has pushed our relationships to become deeper. Together, we have all had to navigate through the collective hardship that the pandemic has sprung onto our lives. Virtual connection has allowed us to have transformative experiences with ourselves and others – forging more solid relationships.

Thinking back to many of the conversations I have had over the past year and a half, I do see a pattern of openness and spontaneity. I’ve now become more likely to ask someone how they are doing without expecting a superficial answer. And, when asked this question myself, I am now more likely to give a genuine response.

I’ve seen a collective interest in one another’s wellbeing. At the end of messages, phone calls, emails, we were all telling each other to stay safe and healthy. We were all checking in to see how we were doing mental health-wise. We were all much more understanding of our individual circumstances, given that working from home posed a whole host of new challenges that we quickly had to navigate.

Now, it feels much more natural to check in with one another. And, I know that without this shift, I would not have been so open.

Because of virtual connection, I will now spontaneously call up my friends without giving it a second thought. I feel more connected to these people than ever before, and it is not due to being in-person. I am now much more likely to be brave and open up to others. I am also more aware of making an effort to be that genuine friend who is there when others need someone to open up to.

In some ways, the technological barrier made it easier to open up – free from certain social expectations that don’t automatically transfer through the computer screen.

As we see a return to normality, we mustn’t forget that it’s okay to be open with one another.

While we have made such an effort to pivot our in-person lives to an online format, why don’t we now try to translate the openness that we have felt virtually to our in-person lives?

Virtual connection is real, and this openness should be what we call the “new normal”.

With this all being said… virtual connection, here is your shout-out!

Thank you for bringing me closer to friends.

Thank you for helping me feel brave enough to reach out and make new friends.

Thank you for giving me the space to talk about the hard stuff.

Thank you for allowing us to keep our communities together.

Are you thankful for virtual connections? In what ways has virtual connection strengthened your relationships? 


Cheers, Bronwen