Tower Talks

Wow, that was fun! I was thrilled to be the inaugural speaker for Tower Talks – the brainchild of Matt Geiger, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Harvard Developments.

The event was open to any of Harvard’s downtown tenants, and what a great way to care for your tenants by bringing them knowledge and inspiration about the topics they care about! Many thanks to Matt and his helpful team for making the event effortless and fun (generally, when things seem effortless, you know someone put in a lot of work)!

Sign-up for the event was brisk right from the start. I had a feeling it was going to be something special, and it was.

We dove into what it means to be a purpose-driven leader, exploring how many leaders want to fulfill their potential, cultivate high performance in their teams, and be the best version of themselves. Understanding how to actually do that can feel daunting! 

But, like most things, we can get there if we take it step by step.

We started with understanding what it takes to build a practical road map to become a values-based leader in business and life. How do we remove the obstacles that might prevent us from having the impact we know we can have?

We got down to it! Discovering our personal values and what they would be like in our everyday lives if we started living them right now. 

Sharing all kinds of practical tips and stories on how to integrate your personal work purpose with the purpose of the business or organization you work for, starting right where you are today (yes, that is a bit of a theme that you can get started right now to be a purpose-driven leader)!

It was an uplifting session because the leaders in the room were fully present and engaged. 

If a keynote is one-sided, it falls flat, no matter how good it is. Participants make it three-dimensional, memorable, and meaningful. I am so thankful to every leader in that room for enhancing the experience for everyone.

And as the session ended, there was a buzz.

It is motivating to have a clear idea of how you can live and lead on purpose and have the impact and influence you were meant to have, breathing new life into your work and meaning into your life.

The world of work is changing on purpose – are you ready to live in yours?

We welcome the opportunity to talk to and work with leaders and their teams, so you can live your story on purpose. Email [email protected] for more information.

Hold onto your socks we have a new website!!!

I totally had new website envy!!

I have had it before; it is a bit of an occupational hazard. My pulse quickens, my head starts swirling in a “what if” dream like state, and I get restless. It is an upside down kind of restless. This feeling seems to be part of my creative process. Some might call that same process procrastination, but I am sticking to my story, okay?

We have created some great new sites lately for fabulous businesses making waves in the marketplace. And I wanted that “new” feeling!  Truth be told, I like new things. 🙂

Each new story, each new site demands the same thing from us – sparkling clarity that changes the game (which incidentally is my personal tagline). If you would like your very own tagline check out our BRAND EVOLUTION workshop and we will get you one. Let us know if you think we have delivered, because wow, we really want to.

We are doing things differently and we couldn’t wait to share our bold approach with you. 

We were also re-committing to what we believe so strongly in: the power of story, and the power of purpose-driven brands. 

Our process is an undeniable, transformational approach to sustainable growth. Creating this site felt a bit like renewing our vows. Eyes wide open, years of expertise, focused on the future, and a burning red-hot desire to help others live their story and grow their business.

So please come with me, put on your comfy socks and wander through our new site, because while I was writing this, I was thinking of you and why it so important for you to own your story, so you can own the marketplace, and change the world.

The world needs changing and we think you are perfectly suited to do just that.

Let’s leverage your greatest asset – your story, and create a truly purpose-driven brand. I am right here waiting for you…. restlessly waiting, as you would expect.

Find me here: click to EMAIL

Arthouse+The Story Co.


How to Create the Right Visual Identity for your Brand

It has more to do with a clear business strategy than you think!

A fine artist wants to start a business . . . sounds like a good start to a story doesn’t it?  Some might even roll their eyes thinking that they know how the story will end.  And those who are thinking that way have not met Brianne Urzada.

A formally trained fine artist and teacher, Bri was ready to share her talents with the world by creating her own business. She had a vibrant commission-based business and was now going to add a new dimension and create a place for others to find their artist within. Her goal was to make art social and fun, whether it was for corporate team building, book clubs, date night or kids’ parties. Not to mention that all this is taking place in a breathtaking studio and usually with wine!

Building the Arthouse Brand

We started working together one on one creating her Big Brave Brand and Business Plan. ©

And wow she was ready! She was clear on her why, her what, and her when. And the “when” was like right away. Maybe it was her teacher roots kicking in but any homework she needed to do – done, well done, and on time! Gold star!

I just could not hide my excitement for her discipline and my respect for her sparkling clarity.  She was not going to be blinded by her passion, but instead used her passion and her own life experiences as her fuel.

So what was the magic in making this all come together?

Pragmatism was part of it. Bri is very self aware and she knew very clearly that success would mean running the business on her terms and not the reverse. (Trust me that is a harder to do than you think!) That pragmatism opened the door for simplicity and passion to collide, the sweet spot of success.

Brand defined, ideal customer firmly in mind, the business plan was complete- and it was both lean and muscular. The next step was translating her brand into a visual identity.

We had all the brand-building blocks we needed to create something that reflected her authentic, striking simplicity as well as her gift for clarity, and of course it needed to be beautiful! Using her business location as inspiration simple thin fonts were interwoven to build a strong icon. Various print materials were then designed with the same brand mark.

If you are looking for the right visual identity for your brand stop looking at Pinterest until you have answered these four questions:

  1. Know yourself and “to your own self be true” – yes Shakespeare is a brand expert!
  2. Know your why – Your Simon Sinek “why”- get the book and see the YouTube video.
  3. Define the core of your brand values.  What do you stand up for and what makes you impossible to resist?
  4. Who do you want to serve? (If it is money this is the wrong blog for you ☺)

Check out our designs below!

Arthouse Print Arthouse Print2

Intersect + The Story Co.


Had a great time connecting strategy to brand with Wendy Turner Larsen. New logo, tagline, and website that resonates, inspires and tells Wendy’s fabulous story. True connection. Check out Wendy’s work at and be prepared to be jaw dropping impressed with her work and the energy that just emanates from her site.

Intersectfinal_biz cards Intersectfinal_letterhead Intersectfinal_powerpoint

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