Wow, that was fun! I was thrilled to be the inaugural speaker for Tower Talks – the brainchild of Matt Geiger, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Harvard Developments.

The event was open to any of Harvard’s downtown tenants, and what a great way to care for your tenants by bringing them knowledge and inspiration about the topics they care about! Many thanks to Matt and his helpful team for making the event effortless and fun (generally, when things seem effortless, you know someone put in a lot of work)!

Sign-up for the event was brisk right from the start. I had a feeling it was going to be something special, and it was.

We dove into what it means to be a purpose-driven leader, exploring how many leaders want to fulfill their potential, cultivate high performance in their teams, and be the best version of themselves. Understanding how to actually do that can feel daunting! 

But, like most things, we can get there if we take it step by step.

We started with understanding what it takes to build a practical road map to become a values-based leader in business and life. How do we remove the obstacles that might prevent us from having the impact we know we can have?

We got down to it! Discovering our personal values and what they would be like in our everyday lives if we started living them right now. 

Sharing all kinds of practical tips and stories on how to integrate your personal work purpose with the purpose of the business or organization you work for, starting right where you are today (yes, that is a bit of a theme that you can get started right now to be a purpose-driven leader)!

It was an uplifting session because the leaders in the room were fully present and engaged. 

If a keynote is one-sided, it falls flat, no matter how good it is. Participants make it three-dimensional, memorable, and meaningful. I am so thankful to every leader in that room for enhancing the experience for everyone.

And as the session ended, there was a buzz.

It is motivating to have a clear idea of how you can live and lead on purpose and have the impact and influence you were meant to have, breathing new life into your work and meaning into your life.

The world of work is changing on purpose – are you ready to live in yours?

We welcome the opportunity to talk to and work with leaders and their teams, so you can live your story on purpose. Email [email protected] for more information.