I am that kid! This summer, I was poised to jump off a 12ft boat house into a beautiful, crystal clear Lake Muskoka.

I wanted to jump so badly!! (actually, my palms are sweating as I write this!) I wouldn’t say I have a total fear of heights, but I would not say I don’t have a fear of heights either.

I would curl my toes over the edge each time, ready to hurl myself into the blue oblivion, screaming, “here I go, yippee!”

And somehow, a moment later, I was still perched on the edge of the dock, toes cramping over the edge, looking down – it seemed so far! My body followed my mind! And I remained rooted to the edge.

I have the most patient family because they waited and waited, and finally, my mind said that the reward was too great – do it!! The body followed, and it was exhilarating.

Overthinking be damned!

So in case you are on the fence about taking this course – it is time to leap. Slay the overthinking, and the overwhelm you might be feeling about your business. The reward is too great!

To be able to put your own purpose into words you can live by is transformative!

Defining and creating the story of your brand (the one that only you can own) is the most sustainable way to grow your business and the best way to guarantee that you have the impact you know you can have.

Clarity so crisp and clear you will wonder what you were waiting for.


Jump in. It will be exhilarating!

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🗓 Dec 3 & Dec 8
🎉 Live and in person
📍 Path Cowork