The Story Co. Holiday Gift Guide

If you are anything like me – while you love Christmas shopping, it can seriously stress you out!

Every year, I am always on the hunt for that unique and special gift.

So, if you haven’t found that perfect gift just yet, don’t stress! This Holiday season… I’ve got you covered! And here’s a bonus, it’s all local!

Fat Plant Farm

1817 McAra Street, Regina, SK

Do you have a plant mom or dad in your life? Why not add to their plant collection?! They’ll think of you each time they water it!

At Fat Plant Farm, there are so many different types of plants to choose from! One of Fat Plant Farm’s succulents paired with their adorable handmade concrete planters would make for the perfect gift!

Fat Plant Farm is ALSO offering a Gift Card Promo this season – purchase a $50 gift card and receive a bonus $10 gift voucher. Sounds like a sweet deal!

Paper Umbrella

2724 13th Avenue, Regina, SK

Does anyone else love strolling down 13th Avenue? I know I do, and I always make sure to pop into Paper Umbrella.

Do you know someone who collects notebooks like it’s their day job?! One of Paper Umbrella’s journals (AND trust me, there is quite a selection), paired with their holiday Lamy pen kits will leave any journaler jumping for joy.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little showier, they have jewellery available as well!

The Optical Shoppe

1B-2121 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina SK

Hear me out! You do not have to wait until summer to grab a new pair of sunglasses! With our sunny Saskatchewan winters, sunglasses make a great gift ALL year round!

At The Optical Shoppe, you’ll find an array of shapes, colours, styles – AND you’ll also be in good company as they will help you to find the perfect pair for your special someone.

Currently, in-store, you’ll find familiar brands such as Rayban, Carrera, Swarovski, Kate Spade, Oakley, Tom Ford, Dior, and Alexander McQueen.

Cuppa T’

2732 13th Ave, Regina

On your 13th avenue stroll, after you’ve visited Paper Umbrella, walk just a little bit further and visit the crew at Cuppa T’!

For the 12 days before Christmas, each day Cuppa T’ will be featuring a new and wonderful Christmas flavoured tea. Look out for flavours such as Rose Marzipan, Vanilla Sugar Cookie, Walnut Truffle, and more.

ALSO, don’t leave before you’ve checked out their Tea Boxes. Inside the box, you’ll find eight different Christmas teas. So, if you can’t decide which tea to get, why not purchase the box and try them all!

Assiniboia Gallery

2266 Smith Street, Regina

Are you looking to honour someone’s passion for art, or add a little flair under the tree?

Assiniboia Gallery showcases contemporary and traditional works of art from establishing and emerging visual artists from across Canada.

Featured works range from acrylic, oil, and watercolour paintings, to sterling silver jewellery, blown glass, ceramics, and sculpture.

For this Holiday season, I am especially loving the (6×6) Jacqueline Faye Miller paintings sold at the Assiniboia Gallery shop!

Kendi Boutique

1846 Hamilton Street, Regina

Whenever I am looking to treat myself to a one-of-a-kind stylish piece, Kendi Boutique is my go-to!

Whether it is a bold new purse or a flawless New Year’s Eve outfit, Kendi Boutique offers carefully curated high-quality garments that will elevate any wardrobe.

AND as an added bonus, Kendi Boutique is currently having a 15% off sale (on select items).

Metro Pet Market

3951 Rochdale Blvd, Regina + 1637 Victoria Ave, Regina

We can’t forget our furry friends this holiday season!

One of my favourite gifts to buy is for my two dogs at home – not only are they the best to buy for, they also have the best reaction when it comes giving time. No one can beat the excitement of a puppy with a brand new treat!

You’re in good hands at Metro Pet Market – they only carry foods from reputable companies with whom they share nutritional philosophies. They are also continually researching new foods and supplements and ensure that their treats are free of potentially harmful ingredients!

Looking for a gift that gives twice? No donation is too small!


YWCA Regina is pleased to once again be partnering with the Leader-Post, Regina Transition House, SOFIA House, and WISH Safe House through the 2021 Leader-Post Christmas Cheer Fund!

Every cent that is donated will benefit Regina’s four women’s shelters – Regina Transition House, SOFIA House, WISH Safe House, and YWCA Regina’s Isabel Johnson Shelter.

Donate and make Christmas magic for women and children in our community!


At the Regina Sexual Assault Centre (RSAC), their purpose is the driving force of why they do the work they do. RSAC strongly believes that each and every one of us in the community has a role to play in violence prevention and reduction.

They are dedicated to creating and implementing change within our community to allow for individuals to live a safe and violence free life. Some of the driving forces that keep them going are “the love and compassion” that their team has for those with lived experiences; the foundational beliefs that everyone has a right to live violence free; and the passion they have to reinforce these beliefs.

With your contribution, RSAC can continue to offer counselling, public education, and advocacy. To support the RSAC, donations can be made simply by clicking the “donate” link on their homepage.

Buckets and Borders

At Buckets and Borders, their mission is to improve communities and bring people together through basketball. They believe that having access to good outdoor courts has a real community impact.

Jump into their #BallForAll campaign, for every ball purchased, 2 balls will be donated to various communities and elementary schools across Saskatchewan. Check out all the cool merch too all profits go to Buckets and Borders.

Stay tuned for our next post on The Story Cafe, coming December 31!

WESK Uncorked!

What a great evening at WESK Uncorked! The tables were turned and I was the guest host, interviewing our regular host Lisa Peters. 

She has a fascinating story. Lisa’s career story begins with her becoming a mechanical engineer technologist. This was the first of many surprising nuggets of her narrative.  Designing 18-wheelers was her thing – who knew? Like so many her path to entrepreneurship and the birth of her Eye On Inspire Event management business was not linear! 

She shared so many take-aways with us. The one I liked best – “make the call!” We don’t have to wait until we have everything perfectly figured out but until we “make the call” we can’t get to where we want to go. The challenge is to put aside what might be holding us back. Scary . . . you bet! Worth it? Absolutely.

Lisa also reminded us to find our community – the ones who are committed to us personally, and to our businesses. And the very community she was speaking of? It was there last night. You could feel it. The room was filled with people living their full story with arms open to help others live theirs. The Regina business community wants us to succeed. Nights like last night remind us of that.

What call can you make today? Go ahead, throw whatever might be holding you back to the curb . . . we’ve got your back.

Hold onto your socks we have a new website!!!

I totally had new website envy!!

I have had it before; it is a bit of an occupational hazard. My pulse quickens, my head starts swirling in a “what if” dream like state, and I get restless. It is an upside down kind of restless. This feeling seems to be part of my creative process. Some might call that same process procrastination, but I am sticking to my story, okay?

We have created some great new sites lately for fabulous businesses making waves in the marketplace. And I wanted that “new” feeling!  Truth be told, I like new things. 🙂

Each new story, each new site demands the same thing from us – sparkling clarity that changes the game (which incidentally is my personal tagline). If you would like your very own tagline check out our BRAND EVOLUTION workshop and we will get you one. Let us know if you think we have delivered, because wow, we really want to.

We are doing things differently and we couldn’t wait to share our bold approach with you. 

We were also re-committing to what we believe so strongly in: the power of story, and the power of purpose-driven brands. 

Our process is an undeniable, transformational approach to sustainable growth. Creating this site felt a bit like renewing our vows. Eyes wide open, years of expertise, focused on the future, and a burning red-hot desire to help others live their story and grow their business.

So please come with me, put on your comfy socks and wander through our new site, because while I was writing this, I was thinking of you and why it so important for you to own your story, so you can own the marketplace, and change the world.

The world needs changing and we think you are perfectly suited to do just that.

Let’s leverage your greatest asset – your story, and create a truly purpose-driven brand. I am right here waiting for you…. restlessly waiting, as you would expect.

Find me here: click to EMAIL

Be It

I was listening to CBC in the car last week and they were interviewing a classical musician and I did not catch his name. But he talked about the moment he decided he longer wanted to “do music” that he wanted to “be music”. I almost had to pullover just to absorb all of what he had said in such few words.

What a transformative concept.

I have loved the Nike campaign of “Just do it”. I bought into that hard right from the start. But “being it” is just so powerful. So today I am looking at my world and asking myself where are the opportunities for being vs doing?

I am liking my day a whole lot more! What do you want to “be”?

Closing the Gender Entrepreneurship Gap

I have been part of this number for 25 years. It has not always been an easy ride. Trust me, it is a ride with twists, turns, steep climbs, sweeping descents, sweet victories and buckets of good humour. I am pretty sure that is why I love it so much. (But don’t ask me to ride a roller coaster!)

I like to think that in most things in life I am gender neutral. That entrepreneurs should be supported equally, and yet there is staggering research to indicate that the gender entrepreneurship gap is real. Do you feel that?

As a woman, I had some challenges, including the day the bank manager literally patted me on the head and told me to go back home and to stop dreaming about such a big loan! Needless to say his inability to share my vision was the end of our banking relationship. Taking no for an answer does not come easily to me. Smiling brightly as our sales surpassed our dreams (and his) did!

According to a WESK document called “Closing the Economic Gender Gap”, women are siting funding, lack of knowledge and experience as their barriers to success.

That is something we can do something about!

I am very dedicated to seeing entrepreneurship grow and be a profitable alternative for all women. To me, entrepreneurship is a movement that is not only about women running profitable businesses but also about women being in control of their destiny.

In 2011, an RBC report indicated that the aggregate contribution of women owned businesses in Canada was an estimated $148B. That is how economies get changed! And I want to be at the forefront. How can you close the economic gap and support a woman entrepreneur?

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