What do we want from our work now?

I love the idea that spring seems to be coming, and with it a hint of optimism seems to be in the air! I have my window open and I am gulping in the change of season!

As much as we are all counting on the energizing lift of a change of season, we can also see that many of our teammates are weary, and Covid-19 fatigue taking its toll – it truly has been a year! In a recent survey of clients, they ranked exhaustion, burnout and disengagement as some of their strongest challenges right now.

When asked what they wanted most from their work today?

  1. They wanted to know that their work matters.
  2. They wanted to be better leaders.
  3. They wanted a deeper connection with their team.

Covid has given many a time to pause and reflect and to rekindle some of the big questions like why are we here and why does it matter?

These questions get right at the very heart of purpose.

Purpose-driven brands are more successful on every single business metric. It is pretty compelling when organizations like Deloitte tell us “Purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors, all while achieving higher workforce and customer satisfaction.” It’s pretty hard not to want all of that!

And we can want, and have it all! Building a purpose driven brand begins with purpose driven people.

I have developed PurposeBrand; a training and coaching system that allows you to build a purpose-driven team.

It is a tried and true system. I have worked with over 300 leaders, with astounding results that include participants reporting:

  • An 85% increase in personal self-confidence.
  • 92% felt more connected to their team.
  • 94% believed they would now be able to work more effectively with their team.

Achieving these kinds of results readies individuals to embrace change and uncertainty with more ease and increases opportunities for innovation, creativity and agility.

If you qualify for the Reopen Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) the cost of this training will be 100% reimbursed to you. (it doesn’t get better than that, right?)

Become a Certified Strategic Brand Storyteller and PurposeBrand Leader

I have never been able to wait for surprises. 

I was the kid who climbed into the attic to unwrap and rewrap all my Christmas presents. Twice. 

So countdowns to a new launch, you know, the ones you are supposed to lovingly troop along with as the countdown goes on for days are totally not my style. 

Can’t do it.

It’s completely beyond me.

The suspense literally is just too much.

So here it is!

I’m thrilled to announce two fabulous new initiatives that I created just for you.

And I am as excited as Christmas morning to tell you about it.

Story School: Strategic Storytelling to build brands is here!

So is . . .

PurposeBrand: the hub for Conscious Leaders and their brands.

Both offer elevated programming and certification that will help you to lead, live, and grow your own purpose brand.

I believe our stories are most valuable asset and yet they are so underleveraged in the marketplace.

Each day when I work with purpose driven brands I see why on ever business metric they are more successful. Over many years I have developed a framework that helps you to do the hard work to define your purpose as a leader and as an organization. And that is the spark you need to tell your story.

The story that defines your position in the marketplace, builds raging fans internally and externally and builds your brand so that you can the impact you have intended.

This work is galvanizing teams, increasing self awareness, celebrating our differences and giving all of us purpose.

Our certification programs qualify for The Reopen Saskatchewan Training Subsidy, which means the cost for 100% of the training fee and the materials will be reimbursed.

Click on the links above to learn more.

What is a purpose statement and why do you need one?

The exercise of defining your purpose, vision, and mission creates two camps.

The first camp will participate in the exercise but they don’t believe it will truly make a difference.

And for them it doesn’t.

The second camp engages in the process and turns these statements into something that generates fulfillment and growth.

The Edelman study found that on every business metric the companies that were committed to being purpose driven were 86% more successful. Doesn’t this sound like the better camp to be in?

Often the reason these statements are not effective is simply because there is a lack of understanding of what the differences are between each one and how to translate them into something real, measureable, and actionable and fun!

As with everything keeping it simple is an art!

Rambling long statements don’t create change. (I once saw a purpose statement written on the wall of a large corporation.  It took the entire wall, had 4 paragraphs and could not be remembered or repeated.)

Below are simple ways to define each of these incredibly valuable statements.

Purpose statement: this answers your why and explains the impact your good work has on the community you serve.

It is one succinct statement that is memorable and repeatable. It appeals to our emotions, is aspirational and everyone in the company should feel personally aligned to the purpose statement.

As you grow and change your purpose should stretch with you.

Your purpose makes your ideal client want to be part of your community. Purpose drives strategy but it will fail if it is the strategy.

Vision Statement: Where are you going and what do you do? What problems are you uniquely solving?

Mission Statement: How will you achieve your vision and purpose every single day?

This last year has shown us that the “what” and “how” of business rapidly changed and our “why” proved to be our rudder, our compass, for making key decisions and finding opportunity.

If you want to be part of the 86% nothing would make me happier than to help you get there. 🙂 My purpose is to elevate others through the power of their own story and I know your story needs to be told.

The ROI of Getting your Story Straight (and the high cost of not getting it right)

I often get calls when a company realizes that they are not telling their story very well, or at all. 

This causes confusion in the marketplace and often employees are just as confused as customers. Employees might know who started the company and when, but it often ends there, with a shrug. (The shrug, the worst of all answers!)

This confusion breeds mediocre results amongst the team, which can lead to loss of engagement, loss of confidence, eradicating any kind of positive culture and loss of sales. There is no common understanding of what makes the company different. They are at a loss as to what the corporate purpose is, and how their own personal purpose needs to be inextricably connected to corporate purpose.

Not only does the team feel the lack of confidence, motivation and inspiration, but the clients do too. Brand impact dissolves.

The brand is stuck. Your people are stuck. 

You need to get unstuck.

Everyone needs something to hang on to, believe in, and stand up for. Maslow figured that out a long time ago and today we need to be purpose driven more than ever!

Your story is the differentiator and the core of the best value proposition you will ever have. Because your story is not just about how your company started, it is also about how you are going to keep going, the impact your good work has, why that impact is important and why the world needs you right now, tomorrow, and the next day too!

Need to tell a better story? We can help! 

Changed forever

What will your brand stand up for?

Both Covid-19 and the racial injustice movement have changed us forever.

We can do better.

I’ve been thinking about just how can we do better.

If we have been changed, surely our personal brands and the brands we work for must change too. We cannot imagine that from here we simply go on as we have.

We have always had choices on which businesses we will support, but now that choice seems more important.

The truly purpose-driven brands have always been more successful. The purpose-driven brands employing people with a personal purpose aligned to the purpose of the company are even more successful.

So why now, when we have been so severely shaken by global events would we support brands that do not support our deepest held beliefs?

We won’t.

To get the attention of the marketplace you want to impact, it is time to declare what you stand for and what your brand will stand up for, and what you will not tolerate. Then find concrete ways to ensure you walk the talk.

If you are looking to be a purpose-driven brand, start by declaring your values. Once considered “fluff”, or a “nice to have”, now your values are a rallying cry, a uniting force, and a source for motivating a team of staff that wants to make a difference. Values are a way to retain and acquire new talent.  Values will also be your differentiator in the marketplace.

What would change if you added anti-racism to your values?

What would change if you added well-being to your values?

How would that drive internal and external change? What impact would the results of those actions have?

The time has come to be a purpose-brand.  If you need help navigating this impactful way of living and working, let’s work together to make this part of your story.

Forever changed is the silver lining.

Keep going.

Live your story, on purpose.

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