A captivating window is like giving your customer (and your community) a gift before they even walk in.

Who could resist this beautiful Anthology window in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! 

First I marvelled at the window and then then was pulled right into the store and the magic didn’t stop at the window. One step inside and all my senses were gently piqued. As a floral, furniture and home store the scent of fresh fir boughs and eucalyptus filled the air. Beautifully merchandised it was a visual treat.It is a busy season and there was a lovely oasis of calm inside. Textures were beautifully layered and gifts for me (and others) seemed to be everywhere 🙂

What we love about this window? First off its magical! And this is the season for magic. 

Note the proportions – these giant polka dot mushrooms are not only so on trend you can’t miss them. They nailed the woodland theme perfectly! This store is in a high drive by area with curbside parking so it a perfect way to draw the eye right to their store.

The look is on brand – making us both curious and delighted. On a quaint street with other local indpendents they are also a good neighbour doing their part to make the area a delightful experience and encourages you to wander store to store. 

Do you have a beautiful window? Send us pics – we would love to profile you!