It is an exciting day for the Story co… we are adding something new to our suite of businesses.

Please welcome: The Retail Education Store!

If you are a retail bricks and mortar, online shop, or a pop up – the Retail Education Store will be the perfect haven for cultivating and growing your business.

As many of you know I am passionate about the business of retail! It started innocently enough :), from a young age I loved to shop! For me, there is nothing quite like walking into a store that immediately transports you into an inspiring curated new world!

I have had the good fortune to see the retail industry from a few different perspectives.

Early in my career as a shopping centre manager, I began to understand the landlord side of the equation. Then, I became a bricks and mortar retailer where we manufactured a line of women’s clothing. We had opportunities for growth and dove into the wholesale market selling our line of clothing to 320 retailers across the United Sates and 110 stores across Canada. Since then, I have been honoured to help small and medium sized businesses build their brands and tell their story.

The soft spot for retail remains (as does my love for shopping)!

Then the pandemic… and the hit to the retail industry was swift and severe.

A friend and colleague, Lisa Hutcheson of JC Williams Group, put our heads together and wondered how we could help. We starting piloting retail courses to help retailers futureproof their business. Bringing confidence in an uncertain market, offering coaching and peer to peer mentoring opportunities.

We both strongly believed that independent retail enriches communities and local economies. And yet often store owners feel isolated and exhausted from long hours and ever changing markets. The Retail Education Store offers busy store owners an opportunity to learn today and apply their knowledge tomorrow all within an ecosystem brimming with inspiration and support.

We hope you will dash on over to our sparkling new website:, and then sprint madly over to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our first virtual live course starts October 2 – Maximize the last 90 days of 2023! Because this year, more than ever, the last quarter can really be a game changer!

We’d love to know what you think!