Are you a quick putter away of holiday décor? Are you the type that the clock strikes midnight on new year’s day and all remnants of the holiday are poof magically tucked away for another year?

Are you a hanger on …..can’t quite muster the energy to end the whirlwind?
Or are you like me and wonder – when exactly is the right time to put them away? 

I actually wonder that every year. And like the years that have gone before, it is the first week of the new year and that little question is cropping up. I spy the little fairy lights that still seem magical, that little tangle of ribbon seems so at home nestled in the carpet and the tree still seems like a magnet for my wonder.

Eventually, at some point I will walk into the house and say “why on earth do I have still have these decortations up?” And I will ramp up the Christmas tunes and put them away. (I think they should be put away with the same spirit they were put up. I started believing in this self-invented theory to make this task more fun and surprisingly it works! I never feel grumpy belting out Christmas tunes!) 

So for today, keep shining on Christmas tree I am here to gather up all your inspiration and gleefully carry them into this fresh new year!