Covid is a mixed bag.

For some who are working remotely it has been a good thing. No more commuting to the office has been a big hit, the flexibility and the ability to work out and have more family time is another plus. And let’s not forget learning to bake sourdough!

For others it has been not so pleasant – where does work end and life start? Heavy workloads, an unrelenting pace, and social isolation can cause overwhelm and worry to take its toll.

The experience is indeed individualized.

Collectively however, our teams are suffering. Recently the Ivey School of Business found that teams are craving connection. In wave one we went out of our way to have Friday beers and cheers and match the pet with owner games were a novel hoot.

But now teams are feeling lost and disconnected.

Lost and disconnected teams don’t perform.

To find a way forward, connect back to purpose.  Not only your team’s purpose, but also the purpose of each individual.

Recognize effort.

See each other. Tell someone you love their new glasses, envy their zoom moxie and tell them that you want to meet their cat! (of course when it is safe to do so J and only if you really want to meet their cat.)

If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your team, be the best version of your purpose-driven self.

PurposeBrand was designed to help teams like yours reconnect, build community and increase productivity.

Can we chat about it?

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*Live in Saskatchewan? Bonus! This training qualifies for 100% reimbursement of training costs through RSTS.