I often get calls when a company realizes that they are not telling their story very well, or at all. 

This causes confusion in the marketplace and often employees are just as confused as customers. Employees might know who started the company and when, but it often ends there, with a shrug. (The shrug, the worst of all answers!)

This confusion breeds mediocre results amongst the team, which can lead to loss of engagement, loss of confidence, eradicating any kind of positive culture and loss of sales. There is no common understanding of what makes the company different. They are at a loss as to what the corporate purpose is, and how their own personal purpose needs to be inextricably connected to corporate purpose.

Not only does the team feel the lack of confidence, motivation and inspiration, but the clients do too. Brand impact dissolves.

The brand is stuck. Your people are stuck. 

You need to get unstuck.

Everyone needs something to hang on to, believe in, and stand up for. Maslow figured that out a long time ago and today we need to be purpose driven more than ever!

Your story is the differentiator and the core of the best value proposition you will ever have. Because your story is not just about how your company started, it is also about how you are going to keep going, the impact your good work has, why that impact is important and why the world needs you right now, tomorrow, and the next day too!

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