I have never been able to wait for surprises. 

I was the kid who climbed into the attic to unwrap and rewrap all my Christmas presents. Twice. 

So countdowns to a new launch, you know, the ones you are supposed to lovingly troop along with as the countdown goes on for days are totally not my style. 

Can’t do it.

It’s completely beyond me.

The suspense literally is just too much.

So here it is!

I’m thrilled to announce two fabulous new initiatives that I created just for you.

And I am as excited as Christmas morning to tell you about it.

Story School: Strategic Storytelling to build brands is here!

So is . . .

PurposeBrand: the hub for Conscious Leaders and their brands.

Both offer elevated programming and certification that will help you to lead, live, and grow your own purpose brand.

I believe our stories are most valuable asset and yet they are so underleveraged in the marketplace.

Each day when I work with purpose driven brands I see why on ever business metric they are more successful. Over many years I have developed a framework that helps you to do the hard work to define your purpose as a leader and as an organization. And that is the spark you need to tell your story.

The story that defines your position in the marketplace, builds raging fans internally and externally and builds your brand so that you can the impact you have intended.

This work is galvanizing teams, increasing self awareness, celebrating our differences and giving all of us purpose.

Our certification programs qualify for The Reopen Saskatchewan Training Subsidy, which means the cost for 100% of the training fee and the materials will be reimbursed.

Click on the links above to learn more.