Bring Clarity To Your Brand


This is a picture from earlier this summer at our cottage when the fire haze was so heavy that we could hardly see across the lake. It was eerie for so many reasons. First of all the concern for those living in, and fighting the fires was ever present. The feeling of connection and how tied to each other we really are, was palpable. These fires were burning so far from us and yet we were part of their story. We all know that our actions effect our ecosystems and that we have all created global warning but rarely can we actually see and struggle to breathe in the effects of what so many were going through.

I also felt unbalanced. I didn’t like that I couldn’t see the horizon. Even though I have looked at this landscape for so many years and could easily picture it in my mind- I could not see it. The lack of clarity created a sense of vertigo.

When I work with clients what they crave most is clarity. They want to see the path that takes them to where they want to be in life and in business. Lack of clarity, living in a haze it might be part of an initial creative process but it’s an exhausting and ineffective space to live and work in. Get clear on your brand, then create a brand aligned business plan, and marketing strategy. Keep it simple and actionable. We created the BIG BRAVE BUSINESS PLAN template that does just that. Clear on intention. Focused. The rudder of your success. Restores your balance and removes the haze.

For more details on our BIG BRAVE PLAN, send us an email!

The Power of Story


Stories move us to act, to dream, to buy, to make millions, to build communities, and to create change.

Story marketing can be a tactic, a strategy or a way of doing business. We believe the real power of story lies when you live your story.

Every business has a compelling story. That story is the life force of your brand. And it is the core of what matters to you and, to those who matter to you – the ones you want to serve.

When you are clear on your story, decisions come easier, opportunities reveal themselves, growth happens, and you build a community that deeply connects and loves your brand.

Don’t settle for your story being a tactic or a strategy when it has the power to be so much more.

Never settle.

Instead, live your story and love your brand.


Recently a friend shared this quote with me from a presentation she had been to by Peter Docker.

I felt jazzed when I heard that. Pretty powerful words, and the ideal theme for one of Story co.s first blogs.

Its a bit “leap-ish” (yes, I just invented that word) to think of standing in your future but I kind of love to be leap-ish! Because it hardly seems scary to leap into the future if you are grounded by the present.

As marketers, we always have one foot in the future, understanding and predicting the whats hot, and the whats not. And since marketers, are by nature a curious bunch we also have to add in – but why?

Why does it matter? Why should we care? And how will we inspire others to embrace our why? If we miss this step – well, we kind of miss it all! Because it’s the why that creates movements, generates loyalty, builds  communities, makes sales, and gives the world something that just makes living in it, a little easier. 

Knowing what we want our future business to look like and feel like, and do for others helps us to do what needs to be done today  – with passion and purpose. And thats the nuts and bolts of a good marketing strategy. Eyes firmly focused on the future, with your why bursting from your soul, building strategy from the core of your brand. Then you can build now, and create tactics that get you to the future you have imagined. For some that’s Forbes top 100, for others it’s being at full capacity and for others its balancing a pinot and eating bons bons on a chaise somewhere in the French Riveria. That’s the cool thing about creating your future – it’s yours!

There are some great stories along the way to the future and thats what we look forward to sharing with you here.

As I stand in my future, I see the opportunity for this blog to be a place for some galvanizing  business stories – that get you jazzed and leave you filled with energy, excitement and possibility. A place for you to imagine what it looks like when you stand in your future.  And maybe, a place that makes you feel a bit leap-ish. Soaking up your tomorrow’s, while you create your genius work in the now.

Care to share what leaps you might be taking?

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