What a great evening at WESK Uncorked! The tables were turned and I was the guest host, interviewing our regular host Lisa Peters. 

She has a fascinating story. Lisa’s career story begins with her becoming a mechanical engineer technologist. This was the first of many surprising nuggets of her narrative.  Designing 18-wheelers was her thing – who knew? Like so many her path to entrepreneurship and the birth of her Eye On Inspire Event management business was not linear! 

She shared so many take-aways with us. The one I liked best – “make the call!” We don’t have to wait until we have everything perfectly figured out but until we “make the call” we can’t get to where we want to go. The challenge is to put aside what might be holding us back. Scary . . . you bet! Worth it? Absolutely.

Lisa also reminded us to find our community – the ones who are committed to us personally, and to our businesses. And the very community she was speaking of? It was there last night. You could feel it. The room was filled with people living their full story with arms open to help others live theirs. The Regina business community wants us to succeed. Nights like last night remind us of that.

What call can you make today? Go ahead, throw whatever might be holding you back to the curb . . . we’ve got your back.