In conversations lately, there seems to be a collective frustration in continuing to act like every day is ‘life as usual’. And, it’s no secret that it has been difficult trying to navigate how we’re supposed to feel – many of us carrying lingering worries of these unprecedented times into our daily lives.

After all, we, as humans, are obsessed with the idea of control.

We plan, delegate, execute.

So much of what we do every day is about exercising control over ourselves and our external environment.

We cling to the idea that we can have full authority over the outcomes and events in our life. Because, at all costs, we are trained to avoid feeling ‘out of control’.

Although control can often be illusionary…

It seems that as soon as we feel confident that one crisis is behind us… suddenly we are faced with a new challenge. When does it end?! Is this something you’ve felt as well?

So with new surprises, anxieties, and uncertainties, what is our responsibility when a crisis arises?

Things have changed within the last two years – I don’t think we can turn a blind eye to what is happening around us.

To put a positive spin on things, one of the beautiful things about harsh, unexpected circumstances is that it immediately shifts some of our habited brain chemistry. Our perspectives engine begins to putter, and things feel less guaranteed but more truthful.

Suddenly, life’s moments are enriched with gratitude. This is something that I have felt quite a bit.

So in the spirit of embracing our lack of control, we don’t have a ‘how-to’ guide on dealing with these issues. But, we are curious, what is your strategy for dealing with these unprecedented times? Is it ‘business as usual’ or something a little different?