Terry Fox is a hero to me. 

His iconic marathon of hope was a cross-country journey that stirred the hearts and souls of Canadians. It most certainly stirred mine. 

He unified our country. 

The image of him logging each mile is etched in the permanent memory of most Canadians. His purpose driven journey was fueled by limitless compassion, courage, and determination to help others. 

Terry Fox was an athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research advocate. 

He was a force for good. 

Terry Fox knew something about conquering. And, his legacy will conquer. 

We are joining many in perpetuating the goodness of his story. A story that Canada is proud to tell. 

We are taking this opportunity to further the legacy of Terry Fox by making a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation.

We encourage you to join us by making a donation here : https://terryfox.org/ 

His marathon of hope will continue. 

Divisive acts know nothing of the power and resilience of hope.