Building brands is my jam!

But my approach is different.

I don’t see brand-building as a marketing tactic.

Well, it certainly can be, and you can look really snazzy with a great brand identity portfolio, which is important.

But, if you are looking for sustainable growth, shift your thinking and see your brand as your most valuable asset and embed it into your business strategy.

Every level and department of the business needs to be involved, but the most critical to success is the 100% buy-in of your CEO and executive team.

This paradigm shift ensures that the brand is aligned to values and behaviours, decision-making and strategy. The brand drives value because it is driven by its purpose.

Recently I worked with a team that had experienced exponential growth.

Quite frankly, their success shocked them. Opportunities were coming from every direction. They quickly realized they did not have the systems in place to manage their growth. Not just operational systems – they were managing that.

More importantly, they did not have a brand strategy.

Defining their brand was the lynchpin to helping them determine which were the right opportunities and which (although good opportunities) would dilute their brand. Brand building takes commitment and discipline!

By the end of the process, everyone on their team understood what they stood for and could confidently tell that story to others. They actively began to embed their purpose into every level of their business and used the lens of the brand for all levels of decision-making. They began to confidently tell the world what they stood for.

It was galvanizing! They were motivated, on track and fulfilled, ready to effect great change!

We help businesses find / know / zero in on their why, tell the tale of what they do best, and how they are different. It is a rewarding way to help businesses have the impact they know they can have.

Is it time for you to imbed your brand into your business strategy? We can help!