If you ever wondered if elves are real, you just have to meet Sharron and Shannon, the owners of Magpies Kitchen, to know that indeed they are!

Magpies Kitchen has been a PurposeBrand since the minute they opened their doors 11 years ago! And at this time of year, they are working at elf speed to get all of us delicious treats that look as good as they taste!

They are the perfect last-minute stop, and their new takeaway style and gifts are truly the proverbial cherry on top. Turkish candies, toffee, spiced nuts peanut brittle are all beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. Their gift display features the iconic and whimsical snow people paintings by Leslie Hensrud, Bath Poetry, delicious hand creams by Matter, candles and more!

Magpies is a stocking stuffers dream!

Every single one of their products is sourced from an ethical, woman-owned Canadian company! That’s the way they roll – true to their values.

Magpies have opted to provide you with the best takeaway experience you can find by converting their dine-in space to the perfect location to zip in and pick up a meal to take home or a sweet to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What makes Magpies a PurposeBrand?

They never got into this business to only delight our taste buds – they really want to make others happy. At their core, they believe that when we gather and share a meal, we also share our common humanity. Knowing that they can be part of our everyday, special days, and most difficult days is what keeps their creativity humming and how they uniquely contribute to the world. They lead, bake, nurture, and cook with love. They see their business as an opportunity to uplift people and their communities.

Our city and our world have never been in greater need of this approach to business and life!