Most of us are living in a culture where there is pressure to fit in.

Likely since our early days of school when trees were to be coloured green and the sky blue. I got in trouble once for thinking of colouring my tree orange and the sky pink!

But times are changing.

Celebrating what makes us different is how enlightened leaders are motivating their teams and building sustainable brands.

We don’t need to be better, “better” can also be bested. But your difference belongs only to you. It is part of your story, steeped in your own purpose, values and lived experience.

It is a vulnerable, enlightening and empowering process to put it into words, and to live by your difference.

When we are recognized for what we do best we are more engaged, motivated and loyal. For leaders this is a key way to retain talent, increase productivity, and create an inspiring culture.

And right now that isn’t happening.

Working remotely, the informal high fives, and a pat on the back for a job well done, are all a fading memory and a big part of why people right now are saying they don’t fell recognized, and are not being seen as a valuable contributor.

PurposeBrand© was designed to help you put into words how you are different, what you do best, and why it matters.

It is transformational work for both teams and individuals.

For more information click here, and get started on a self-awareness journey that will enhance your work and your life.