We are launching the Story Café!

Some of the best stories are heard, and told nestled into a cozy café, tunes vibing in the background sipping on something wonderful.

We can’t resist wanting to recreate that right here. A warm and friendly space to share opinions, fresh as a croissant insight, and ideas that you might want to swirl around for a while.

Like any coffee date you can’t predict the conversation and that is how it will be here. We are going to let this concept be fluid, creative, and fun.

The café will also give you the opportunity to curl up with stories from Bronwen Malloy! A most fabulous addition to the Story Co.! Personal tales about what she is thinking about and what is shaking up her world.

She is a fabulous storyteller and she will tell you her story in our next Story Café post.

We hope the Story Café will be a chance for you to sip on some inspiration, feed your creativity, and indulge in positivity.


I’ve always considered myself to be a rebel of sorts – stuck between practicality versus passion, but choosing passion in hopes that it would lead to something “practical”. Do you ever feel that same pull between passion and practicality?

Usually, I am led by my drive to integrate both work and play – this consistent nudge has pushed me to pursue writing as a means to fill me up creatively and intellectually.

I am perpetually in awe of people’s stories – fascinated by their experiences and how their lives have led them in certain directions. This is one of the many reasons why I love traveling. Meeting people from every corner of the world, listening to their stories, and loving how they could be so vastly different (and sometimes even startlingly similar) to my own, and yet, here we both are.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature, with a certificate in Public Relations, I am thrilled to be putting my skills and background to use through projects with The Story Co.

On the Story Café, I’ll be sharing thoughts, findings, insights into a range of topics surrounding connection, storytelling, and purpose. The aim of these posts is to leave you thinking about things a little bit differently… and (hopefully) leave you feeling a little bit more inspired than you had been before.