No wonder the number one requested service for growing businesses is mentoring! We all want to learn from others who have done it! Mentoring comes in all different ways. It might be a casual one off conversation in a coffee shop with someone who you think can offer some advice. It might be a formal arrangement where you have scheduled meetings with a mentor, it could be your employer who takes on the role of mentoring you. It can also happen in a group setting where shared experiences from a wider net of experience bring you clarity.

Mentoring is different from the role of a coach. Both are invaluable.

A simple differentiation is that a coach should remain impartial and help you to find your own solution.

A mentor will give you their advice based on their experience. In a mentoring relationship you learn from someone who understand what it is like to be in your shoes. You learn from their mistakes, struggles or triumphs but the lessons are real, steeped in experience.

As business owners we are often given advice. And often it comes from those who have never been in business. When I heard Barbara Stegemann owner of the globally successfully fragrance line 7 Virtues speak she put it perfectly. She had been repeatedly told by others how she should grow her business and finally exasperated she said “ok great idea – is that what you did when you owned a fragrance company?”

There is no greater teacher than experience – our own and others. If you are ready to learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs who are out there growing businesses today Focus 2020 is for you. If you want to have others learn from your experience Focus 2020 is also for you. This 3 month mentoring intensive clarifies where you are going and how you will get there. A collaborative transformative process.


Registration for Focus 2020 starts Jan 2. Program runs Feb 26 – April 23
Limited enrollment. Email for more information.