There tends to be a lot of support for start-ups. Entrepreneurship has never been so trendy! New businesses add fuel to economies and because of that there are lots of groups eager to help. There are lenders, government initiatives, and private sector advisors all wanting to help businesses to get on their feet.

Doors are opened. Customers are served. Sales go up.

Three, five or seven years might go by and then business gets hard again. 50% of businesses fail in their fifth year!

The obvious lines of support are not there.

Business owners may find out that as they have been busily working “in” their business they have not been able to work “on” their business. The business plan they created for lending purposes is gathering dust. It’s hard to ask for help when there is a little voice saying, “surely after seven years in business I should know what I am doing?” Other questions lurk, “is expansion going to increase profitability”, and “the landscape has changed, the economy has changed, how do I navigate these changing times?”

How do I grow?
And that is the crux of it – how do you grow?

The most satisfying answer to that question comes from mentors who are willing to share their advice and their experience. Hearing first-hand how others are growing their business will ignite your own solutions.

Focus 2020: Building Business Together gives you the opportunity to be both mentor and mentee and gives you the tools to answer: how will my business grow?


Registration for Focus 2020: Building Business Together starts Jan 2. Program runs Feb 26 – April 23
Limited enrollment. Email to get on the list for more information.