I have always believed that it takes a village to raise a child but I equally believe that it takes a village to build a business. We can’t do it alone. Even for those who run a business saying “it is easier if I just do it myself” know that it just does not work that way.

Business is personal. And business is always human to human we crave it and especially in this era of disconnection, we crave it even more. We need each other.

However, a significant reason for why businesses fail is because of isolation. It can be lonely being an entrpreneur!

You can begin to convince yourself that “it must be me” or “everyone else seems to have this figured out, why don’t I?.” But when you start to talk to other business owners you realize you are not alone. Growing business never have it all figure out! In the book Shoe Dog (an all-time fav book of mine) Phil Knight takes about the early days of Nike and reaching 40 million in sales and still teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. (Knowing Nike battled cash flow issues is a bit comforting J)

Focus 2020: Building Business Together is a group mentoring opportunity where you can get real about the challenges and opportunities that are facing your business. There will be learning sessions, goal setting sessions and opportunities to bring your hot button issues to the table. Together in a strictly confidential setting we create your village. Your enriching community that cultivates growth.

This next decade will be a decade of collaboration. Never before have we needed each other in business and in life, globally and locally, it is time for us to come together so that we can have the impact we were meant to have.


Registration for Focus 2020 starts Jan 2. Program runs Feb 26 – April 23
Limited enrollment. Email to get on the list for more information.