Big Brave Business Plan

As I mentioned in my annual plan blog (here) I am knee deep in my own annual business planning process. And of course as a marketer I’m always pretty keen on looking at how I might want to grow the community that I work with.  (See why I don’t  use the term target market  explained here). Market segmentation – yup love doing that. Finding gaps in the marketplace – what could be more fun? Owning my value proposition, finding my unique advantage and the sweet spot in the marketplace, well that all goes together  like popcorn and butter doesn’t it? But over this last year I have had a  mind shift. When deciding how I would grow my business these are the questions that sprung to mind:

Who can I help?

Who can I help the most?

When is my help needed?

Who needs my help now? Within the next 12 months, within the next 3 years?

It seemed like a subtle mind shift at first so I tried it out. I said to potential new clients here is  how I can help. I wasn’t selling a snazzy new program or template or my hours  I was simply saying “I can help you with that”. Wanting to help someone comes naturally and we all want to give a hand up when we can. So I  started to look for people who needed my help and it kind of mushroomed. To the point where I  was stopped in the grocery store by a client who said “you know who else needs your help?” My own clients giving me leads – that was cool and completely validated the power of the mind shift.

I work with many clients who will often say to me  say “I’m very good at what I do I just can’t sell myself”. My response – don’t bother selling yourself. Instead find people you can help. Small twist that will  simplify and empower your growth.

In 2016 who can you help?