We love stories.

And we especially love to write and tell good stories!

Strategic stories about brands that are passionate and want to make a difference and truly live their story. 

The stories that make us think, wonder, and inspire.

So, if this is what we love to do, and maybe you do too, should we feel threatened by AI-driven content?

Hell, no.

Think of it as another tool. We all have tools. Accountants have Excel spreadsheets to help tell their story (which is definitely an excellent reason why I am not an accountant lol). Athletes and artisans want the best training and equipment to help them level up. So do writers!

If you are going to use AI content as a drag-and-drop, well, then your blog will simply be a blog written by a robot.

If you use AI for content, use it selectively.

There is something deeply human about writing your own story. 

We are in an era of ever-increasing machine intelligence, which has only increased our appetite for high-touch interactions. 

As well as nuanced, wise and thoughtful communication from people and companies we care about. 

The one thing that can’t be automated is that business remains person to person.

Whether you become a fan of AI or not, be sure to never lose your own voice. 

This is always your story. Never settle for anything less. 

PS: this blog is written without the assistance of AI.