Make It Count

Highly unusual for me to quote a Dirty Harry movie but stick with me for a minute.

I’ve got twenty something boys who are poised and ready to set the world on fire. We have been talking a lot lately about next steps and where life might take them and it’s pretty invigorating to see their thought processes and like many in their generation their intense desire to make a difference.

Then serendipitously,  I came across the Alexandra Franzen’s blog that talked about the “be a day maker movement” and I fell in love with the concept that no matter what we do, or where we do it, we can make a difference. You don’t have to donate a million dollars (but very cool if you can) or stand on the other side of the world supporting a cause, you can make a difference with a kind word, smile or just being the genius you are at your workplace.

Good brands want to make a difference everyday too. Sure, we hear and share the bad brand stories. When the talk isn’t walked, and actions don’t align with purpose we can usually see it a mile away. And a bad service story – well that can irrevocably damage a brand in this “kiss and tell” era of social media. But there are so many good brand stories. I think of how thankful I am for the many people, business and brands who make my day. So here is a shout out to the “day makers” who have recently crossed my path:

  • the stellar staff at Essential packaging who made ordering a delight. Personal touch. Check. Gained a loyal customer. Check.
  • Coutts courier. For the last 25 years whenever I need a courier I only call one company. Coutts courier. They don’t have a FB page or an app, nor do they insta everyday. They have been doing what they do, the same way for a long time. And they do it perfectly. I have even had one of their drivers call to give me an update on all the deliveries he had done for me. Living their brand….yup. Trust earned. Check.
  • Connecting good people with good people – love to do that. Good luck at Synergy, Laurel!
  • A favourite client making it in the “bigs” selling her children’s book at the NHL all star event. Witnessing success, that makes my day – check it out here:
  • A favourite shop – Crocus and Ivy. Arriving at their store to pick up a gift I had ordered by phone that was already beautifully wrapped! Saving me time for the win!
  • Annual planning with a client – TCM Financial Studio. They are truly value based. They just “get” how to care for people and each other and have a blast doing just that. Living their brand so authentically everyday. No wonder such blazing success is finding them.

What would happen if not only did we want to find and tell the good stories, what if we also wanted our businesses and our work to be someone’s “day maker” ?

Goodness. Unleashed.

Thanks for the inspiration to all of the above and a special nod to Clint Eastwood “Go ahead, make my day”  turns out to be a wonderful way to live and to do business.