Every idea asks something of us, and the first thing it often ask us is to be brave.

I love ideas! One of my favourite books is a children’s book called “What do you do with an idea?”.

This story answers that question.

Buckets and Borders was started by our sons Justin and Brendan Lee (complete bias is fully recognized:).

It started as an idea, while they played hoops across too many countries to count.

Like all good ideas they didn’t quite know what to do with it. They could not let go of this truth that basketball was something that could unite people, cultures and countries.

They started to share their idea with others. They gained more insights, played on more courts and the concept morphed again and again, picking up speed as it went.

In 2015 they formally established the organization that is now a registered not-for-profit. They selected their first project: “The Lakeview Project”, transforming (rescuing) an iconic basketball court in Regina called “The Cage “.

The grand opening festival is this Saturday!

I feel so ready for something that unites us rather than divides us. Something that expresses youthful energy, and supports young leaders who are taking action and doing something positive for their community.

The process of transforming ‘The Cage’ could not be a better expression of the Buckets and Borders brand. Bringing people together to create a court that is art in motion. It was built with intentional positive effort, with many hands and many ideas. And when you step on these fantastically coloured courts you feel the irresistible pull of positivity.

The last page of the book, like this story, answers the question –

“What do you do with an idea?

You change the world.”

Get the whole story here: www.bucketsandborders.com

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