What’s your story? When we ask that question of businesses and organizations we work with, we get all kinds of reactions. 

Some shoulder shrugs, some glassy eyes, we often hear, “it’s complicated”, or sometimes it is a long, convoluted story about products, processes, and history. It is easy to get lost before the story is finished. 

Most of the time, if we could see inside the minds of those trying to explain their business story, it looks (and sounds) like the first graphic. It’s an overwhelming feeling to both tell and hear a confusing story. It just gets lost in the noise. And we are so over the noise! 

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be. 

You can slay the overwhelm and be well on your way to telling the story that needs to be told (even if you are not an Oscar award-winning writer)! If you keep these few things in mind.

Tips for writing your story – the one that connects and resonates

  • Your purpose is the foundation of your story. Know your purpose and embed it into every aspect of your story and culture. When you do that, you will always be on brand and aligned with your strategic objectives. This is hard work but worth it because running a business and not being clear on your purpose is the hardest thing ever! Don’t set yourself up for that kind of misery.
  • Your purpose is other-centred. It is not about you, but it is about the impact of your great work. When your reader hears the impact you can have, there should be an audible sigh! 

Only you can own your purpose – let that sentence sink in because it is the key to your differentiation in the marketplace. It is your why, which means it is something you care deeply about. Show the depth of your caring by showing how you can help.

  • Write your story with a mindset of generosity, and you will emotionally connect with your reader every time.
  • Clear over clever always works. Write your story, then ask yourself – so what? Answer that, then ask again so what? Keep going until your purpose is a clear, concise message.
  • Next, test your story – with an IRL person before you send it out to the masses. Maybe start with someone who loves you so much that will be brutally honest. I live with someone who perpetually asks, “but what does that mean?” Ugh! Sometimes it’s exhausting, but it works. So be brave; ask your partner or someone outside the company to read your story on your website, your blogs, or your social post and ask them to tell you what they think your story is. You might be delighted, shocked or be running right back to the drawing board to reframe and clarify your story. 

Then find someone else, this time a bit outside your loving circle and ask them. This honing down of your story is essential. And will make you even more committed to telling it with ease.

Suddenly that mess of a story you started with gets unravelled and takes us on a journey we can’t wait to go on. 

A clear story invigorates your team and attracts customers and employees, and who doesn’t want to do that! It will keep your business on track, motivated and fulfilled so you can continue to effect great change. 

You will never have to wonder again what your story is? Instead, you are singing it from the rooftops and living it daily. Now that sounds fun!

Need help getting your story straight? We would simply love to help! 🙂