Duke the Dog

Take the leap?

I am a passionate optimist. So, clichés like “take the leap” and “jump and you’ll find your wings” naturally appeal to me. However, these philosophies could never apply to my business. Nor do I think it applies to many successful businesses.

Even Duke, the well-loved dog gets it. He looks like he is flying through the air with abandon, free from all the cares in the world… but that only happens when he is sure the ball is out there waiting for him. In fact, if at the last minute I decide not to throw the ball for him, he comes to a screeching halt. His focus is laser sharp.

As entrepreneurs we can learn from Duke’s approach.

First off, want it. Want it badly.

Duke wants the ball – all the time – day or night, in snow, hail sleet or sun!

Know how to get where you want to go (aka a business plan). Expect that winds and rain will throw you off course and that you might need to paddle harder than you’ve ever imagined to get where you want to go.

Like Duke, keep your eye on the ball. Whatever it is that you are reaching for, keep it in your minds eye, write it on post it’s, put it on a t-shirt, vision board it, journal about it, just keep it close and in sight.

If the ball you are chasing is not really the one you want? Come to a screeching halt and re-evaluate. Trust your instincts, be open and hoenst to what your instincts, your research and your heart are telling you.Listening can be as important as doing.

Then take a page from Duke’s play book. Get the ball in your grasp, head back to shore, shake off, soak up some sun and get ready to do it all over again. Eyes gleaming.

Successful entrepreneurs only look like they are leaping into thin air. The ones that make a difference in the lives of others have a firm grasp on what drives their passion, have a clear plan on how to get there, and have the grit and determination to paddle hard.

Ready to take the leap?