Huge shout out and virtual hug to all those businesses and organizations that are allowing their teams to work remotely, doing their part to help flatten this curve. We know that is not possible for all, but for those who can, we are here (at home) cheering you on! 

It is a bit nuts right now trying to find our way in such uncharted waters. Yet, we still need to lead others, show up for others, and get our work done. In challenging times strong teams forge bonds that will propel them forward.  Below are a few ways to do just that.

  1. Recognize that remote working might be perfect for some and terrifying for others. As well, many will be juggling work and kids at home. Offering a few different ways for engagement allows your team to find just what might work for each individual.
  2. Encourage team members to find an accountability partner. Keeping a schedule while at home can be challenging but if you know you have an 8:30 check in with another team member, or your whole team, it sets your day up. Do you normally peek your head into an office every morning to say good morning – continue to do that, just virtually.
  3. Are you used to lunching with co-workers? Do a potluck Zoom lunch once a week. Everyone can Zoom in and visually share what is for lunch that day and just chat about anything or nothing, just being present and doing something you normally do (just a bit differently). It might also be a great time for your social club to support local, buy some gift cards and each team member can order in from their favourite restaurant.
  4. This might sound like a crazy suggestion but I have done it and it is really effective. I was part of a group where all of us had a project we were working on that we felt we could not find the time to get completed. So we dedicated one hour twice a week for silent working. We were from all over North America but we Zoomed in and worked silently. It was a nice way to stay on task and feed off the collective energy of others doing their genius work. And projects got finished!
  5. Weekly “beers and cheers”. Friday at 4:00 p.m. is a great time to celebrate success, or lament over tough week, and it still can be. Zoom in on Friday and have each member toast their success for the week, and share their challenges too.

Watch for more team engagement tips and be sure to add your great ideas below.