We are so excited to be introducing our graduates to you in the coming weeks and telling their stories.

Lisa Hutcheson of LHR Consultants and I co-facilitated the course. An inspired group of retailers jumped on board for the journey, and we will never forget the experience.

Our first cohort of participants was engaged, eager, smart, and whole heartedly committed to providing a captivating experience for customers.

Retail is not an easy gig, never has been. It draws the passionate, the brave, the innovative and the resilient.

Covid threw many curveballs and our local retailers kept rolling…. finding new opportunity and constantly reinventing. Diving into online, curbside, masking and unmasking, and finding pockets of hope wherever they could.

Another commonality was their drive to be better. To be leading retailers in every aspect of their business, to raise the bar and earn your trust, taking nothing for granted.

Futureproof was made for now.

By its very definition to future-proof means to develop a clear path forward in uncertain times. And we know things will be uncertain for a while yet.

During the course we looked at retail trends and translated them into opportunities. We examined retail benchmarks so there was an understanding of where they fit in, and what should they be striving for in everything from profit margins, sales per square foot, merchandising, branding and finance.

Each participant got very clear on where they are now, and created a retail strategy that capitalized on their brand and was a road map to get them to where they want to be.  It was jam packed!

What did we love most? The synergy, the connections and networks made. A new team of support emerged amongst participants and in these uncertain times having more support might be the best way to FutureProof.

If you would like to FutureProof your retail business DM me so you can get on the list for our next course.