If you live in Sk this training is qualifies for 100% reimbursement through RSTS (reopen Saskatchewan Training subsidy) but only March 31!!!

Retail has changed dramatically and it can be overwhelming to try and keep up and know what is ahead. Juggling ever-changing Covid protocols, launching online stores, managing cash flow, all while keeping a smile on your face is a lot! Although everything has changed the day is still only 24 hours long!

We also know the economy is going to be uncertain for a while longer and we know you want to own your position in the marketplace and keep growing your business.

So we have created the FutureProof Retail Certification Program!

What does it mean to Futureproof your retail business? It means we help you anticipate the future and develop innovative strategies to increase your resilience to change, so you can thrive.

It is everything you need to remain a leading retailer in 2021! A one-stop shop to learn about :

  • Retail trends and processes for 2021 and what this means for your business?
  • Use the StoreDoctor to understand exactly where you are now
  • Create your Futureproof Road map your very own go-forward strategy.
  • Understand the power of your brand and how to strategically leverage your unique
  • one on one integration coaching – putting what you learn to work

Janet Lee of the Story co. has teamed up with Lisa Hutcheson from retail consultancy J.C. Williams Group and their passion for retail runs deep!

It is only surpassed by their passion to help retailers. They are dedicated to elevating the retail experience so that retail can take its place helping neighborhoods, communities and cities to thrive.

We can’t wait to tell you more about it and secure your seat – click here for more information.