Drawing a blank

Are you feeling a bit like procrastinating in this stretch of the year that is not quite Fall, and not quite Winter and almost the swirly, twirly holidays?

I get that. And I needed to snap out of it.

Like many, I have been inspired by the iconic Twyla Tharp, and her book The Creative Habit. I can pick it up again and again and there is always something new for me to hang onto and be inspired by.

One of my favourite passages in the book describes how difficult it can be to begin. The overwhelm of the blank slate. She describes that when she was a novice choreographer and she didn’t know how to get started she had a simple solution. She explains that “I stood up in the center of the room, took a deep breath, stamped my foot and shouted “Begin”.” *

I just tried it (and there is no question that the stomping of the foot was my favourite part) and look what happened. Blog done!

Deep Breathe


Shout Begin

… Got it

* The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp