Having participants in your FutureProof Retail course who have, at the core of their purpose, intentions to change the world and revolutionize how we care for our dogs and cats – well, it does not get any more exciting than that!

And, change it they have! After 14 years, Metro Pet Market has stayed true to its purpose and values, even being tested by the pandemic, big box stores, and false information everywhere on how to best care for our furry family.

Despite this, they remain steadfast, always learning and sharing these insights. Every day, they have a learning session with all staff to ensure everyone understands the products they represent, why and when to recommend them, and how they’ll benefit your companion animal.

If you have ever been to a specialty shop, only to be frustrated that the staff do not know much about the products – well, that will never happen at Metro Pet Market!

We weren’t surprised that they wanted to learn more about retail! For Metro Pet Market, the FutureProof Retail course gave them a chance to look at global trends in retail and how keeping on top of change in their own business and the greater retail community can be helpful. Insights were learned on benchmarking and merchandising, along with considerations for growth.

The pandemic, of course, impacted them and was a huge nudge to get their online store up and running… and in a hurry. The expansion into online came with a steep learning curve but a tremendous opportunity. As you might have guessed… they were game for both.

They have built a solid purpose brand, and as they continue to bring us ever more revolutionary and cutting edge ways to care for our dogs and cats, we know that they are changing the world. In the process, we are being transformed too!

Thank you Metro Pet Market for being a part of this program and for being an exemplary model of the value of shopping local.

Drop by any of the stores and join the revolution! You will be glad you did… and your dogs and cats will be even happier!